Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pillars of Thanks

'Tis been awhile since I've memorialized the blessings in my life. And it's a shame because I forget so easily.
I was talking with my buddy Keith tonight about just this situation. He mentioned how the Israelites used to erect altars and stone pillars to remind them of God's blessings (like crossing the Jordan, crossing the Red Sea). The times that God came through, when they clearly couldn't. And I've had a number of those moments in the recent past, so it's time to erect a virtual pillar of remembrance to God.

I truly wanted to attend a conference on Friendship Evangelism in April. Couldn't afford it. So God whispered to my life coach Debbie these words..."tell people your dream and tell them your dilemma". Within two days I had the money, it was waiting for me already. And my dream of finding a ministry that fits me was realized.

I've begun to see the countless situations that God puts me in where I can be that sliver of light, He's given me hope for my own faith, seeing it blossom under stress. He's helped me accept the process of knowing Him, accepting that I don't have to have it all figured out, He continues to lead.

I've been struck in the last month how blessed I am to have friends that truly, deeply, love God. They also love fun. And the outdoors. These two joys combined with one of those life-altering friends of mine, James. At our last camping trip, on the descent from the view pictured above, we began "freeruning" at full tilt down through the forest...leaping logs, dodging branches, bobbing and weaving. The freedom of that moment, the joy in nature...that's good stuff.

I preached my first sermon last weekend...and saw God absolutely rewrite my sermon the night before. Amazing to witness a clarity of thought that comes after deep prayer.

I could go on, but enough about me, what about you? What pillar of thanks would you erect to God right now? How's He come through for you?

It's always a blessing when we remember.